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plenary sessions

Arutyunov G.
(Inst. for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht Univ.)
Gauge Theories from Quantum Strings download pdf
Combescot R.
(Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
Superfluidity in Ultracold Fermi Gases download pdf
Giddings S.
(Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
Black Holes, High-Energy Scattering, and Locality download pdf
Klebanov I.
(Princeton Univ.)
Strings, Branes and Gauge Theories download pdf
Ovrut B.
(Univ. of Pennsylvania)
The Heterotic String: From Super-Geometry to the LHC download pdf
Shaposhnikov M.
(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Standard Model Higgs Boson and Cosmological Inflation download pdf
Shirkov D.
(JINR, Dubna)
On Symmetry Breaking under Phase Transition download pdf
Sunyaev R.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow & Max Planck Inst. for Astrophysics, Garching)
The Richness and Beauty of the Physics of Cosmological Recombination  
Venugopalan R.
(Brookhaven National Lab.)
Gluonic Matter in Collision at RHIC and the LHC  
Zaikin A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow & Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe)
Interaction Effect in Disordered Conductors download pdf
Zelenyi L.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow)
Malova H., Artemiev A., Petrukovich A.
Spontaneous Reconnection in Collisionless Plasma. Long Lasting Drama of Ideas download pdf

sectional sessions

Allen B.
(Albert Einstein Institute, Hannover)
Gravitational Wave Astronomy download pdf
Altshuler B.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Unexpected Physical Contents of the Fluxbrane Throat-Like Solutions in Type IIA and Type IIB Supergravities download pdf
Andreev O.
(Techn.Univ., Munich & Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)
String Free Energy, Hagedorn and Gauge/String Duality download pdf
Andrianov A.
(Univ. of Barselona, ICCUB & S.-Petersburg Univ.)
Cannata F., Kamenshchik A., Regoli D.
Stable Phantom Cosmology Based on (C)PT Symmetry download pdf
Andrianov A.
(Univ. of Barselona, ICCUB & S.-Petersburg Univ.)
Andrianov V., Espriu D.
Spontaneous Parity Violation in Hot and Dense Baryon Matter in QCD Motivated Hadronic Models download pdf
Antoniadis I.
Aspects of String Phenomenology download pdf
Arefeva I.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Catalysis of Black Holes Production at the LHC download pdf
Arutyunov G.
(Inst. for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht Univ.)
Towards the Exact Spectrum of the AdS5 x S5 Superstring. I download pdf
Babichev E.
(AstroParticle and Cosmology, Univ. Paris VII)
Spherically Symmetric Solutions in Massive Gravity and the Vainshtein Mechanism download pdf
Bandos I.
(Ikerbasque, Basque Country Univ.)
SDiff Invariant Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson Model and Its N=8 Superspace Formulation(s) download ppt
Barnich G.
(Universite Libre de Bruxelles & International Solvay Institutes)
New Aspects of Duality for Electromagnetism, Gravitation and Higher Spin Gauge Fields download pdf
Bars I.
(Univ. of Southern California)
Super Yang-Mills Theory in 10+2 Dimensions as Another Step toward M-Theory download ppt
download pdf
Barvinsky A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
CFT Driven Cosmology and the DGP/CFT Correspondence download pdf
Baulieu L.
(LPTHE, Univ. Paris VI)
Soft Breaking of BRST Invariance for Introducing Non-Perturbative Infrared Effects in a Local and Renormalizable Way  
Beisert N.
(Max Planck Inst. for Gravitational Phys., Golm)
Dynamic N = 4 Superconformal Symmetry download pdf
Bekaert X.
(LMPT, Univ. of Tours)
On Higher Spin Interactions with a Scalar Field download pdf
Belavin A.
(Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)
Zamolodchikov A.
On the Correlation Numbers in Minimal Gravity and Matrix Models download pdf
Belotelov I.
(JINR, Dubna)
Dimuon physics with CMS download pdf
Belzig W.
(Univ. of Konstanz)
Time-Resolved Counting Statistics for a Quantum Point Contact download pdf
Bengtsson A.
(School of Engineering, Univ. of Boras)
Spacetime Pictures of Higher Spin Gauge Interactions download pdf
Berezin V.
(Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Classical Analogs of Quantum Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstrom Black Holes  
Bergshoeff E.
(Univ. of Groningen)
A New Massive Gravity Theory in Three Dimnesions download pdf
Bering K.
(Masaryk Univ., Brno)
A Comparative Study of Laplacians in Riemannian and Antisymplectic Geometry download pdf
Beskin V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Andrianov A.
Limiting Polarization - Missing Link in the Theory of the Pulsar Radio Emission download pdf
Bisikalo D.
(Inst. of Astronomy, Moscow)
3D Modeling of Accretion Disks in Close Binaries: Shocks and Density Waves  
Bisnovatyi-Kogan G.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow)
Gamma Ray Bursts, Soft Gamma Repeaters, and Magnetars  
Bogovalov S.
(Moscow Engineering Physics Inst.)
Kelner S.
Plasma Outflow from Dissipationless Accretion Discs download pdf
Boos E.
(Skobeltsyn Inst. of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Univ.)
Top Quark Physics download pdf
Bordag M.
(Leipzig Univ.)
Vacuum Energy in Quantum Field Theory - Status, Problems and Recent Advances download ppt
Boulanger N.
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
The Unfolding of General Tensor Fields in AdS download pdf
Breitschwerdt D.
(Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Technical Univ. Berlin)
Modelling the Interstellar Medium in Star Forming Galaxies download pdf
Brink L.
(Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Goteborg)
Exceptional Symmetries in the Light-Cone Gauge and Possible Counter Terms download pdf
Brunetti G.
(Italian Nat. Inst. for Astrophysics, Bolognia)
Mergers between Clusters of Galaxies and Acceleration of High Energy Particles download pdf
Buchbinder I.
(Dep. of Theoretical Physics, Tomsk State Pedagogical Univ.)
Gauge Invariant Approach to Lagrangian Constructions for Higher Spin Field Theories download pdf
Bulanov S.
(Kansai Photon Science Inst., Kyoto)
Relativistic Laboratory Astrophysics with Relativistic Laser Plasmas download pdf
Campoleoni A.
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
Lagrangians for Unconstrained Bose and Fermi Fields of Mixed Symmetry  
Cederwall M.
(Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Goteborg)
Operators on Pure Spinor Spaces  
Chen C.-M.
(Nation Central Univ., Taiwan)
Dilatonic Black Holes in Gauss-Bonnet Gravity download pdf
Cherepashchuk A.
(Sternberg Inst., Moscow)
SS 433 - a Supercritically Accreting Microquasar with Black Hole  
Chernin A.
(Sternberg Inst., Moscow)
Dark Energy in the Local Universe download pdf
Churazov E.
(Max Planck Inst. for Astrophysics, Garching & Space Research Inst., Moscow)
AGN Feedback in Elliptical Galaxies and Clusters  
Coppi B.
(Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Cambridge)
High Energy Plasmas, General Relativity and Collective Modes in the Vicinity of Black Holes download pdf
Danilov M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Physics and Detectors at ILC download pdf
de Boer J.
(Inst. Theoretical Phys., Amsterdam)
Macroscopic Quantum Effects near Black Holes  
de Teramond G.
(Univ. of Costa Rica)
Brodsky S.
Light-Front Holography and Gauge/Gravity Duality: Applications to Hadronic Physics download pdf
de Wit B.
(Inst. for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht Univ.)
Near-Horizon Analysis of D=5 BPS Black Holes and Rings  
Diakonov D.
(S.-Petersburg Nuclear Physics Inst.)
Petrov V.
Confinement from Dyons download pdf
Didenko V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Vasiliev M.
Towards Black Holes in Higher Spin Gauge Theory download pdf
Dogiel V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Chernyshov D., Yuasa T., Tatischeff V., Prokhorov D., Cheng K.-S., Bamba A., Ichimura A., Inoue H., Ko C.-M., Kokubun M., Maeda Y., Mitsuda K., Nakazawa K., Yamasaki N.
Hard X-rays from the Galactic Center: Theory and Interpretation download pdf
Dokuchaev V.
(Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Small Scale Dark Matter Clumps in the Galaxy download pdf
Dorn H.
(Humboldt Univ. Berlin)
On Timelike and Spacelike Minimal Surfaces in AdSn and the Alday-Maldacena Conjecture download pdf
Dremin I.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
QCD in the Nuclear Matter and Cherenkov Gluons download pdf
Dudas E.
(Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
(In)vizible Z' and Dark Matter download pdf
Efetov K.
(Ruhr Univ., Bochum)
Altshuler B., Syzranov S.
Transport in a Network of Josephson Junctions in the Insulating State download pdf
Efimov G.
(JINR, Dubna)
On Bound States in QFT download pdf
Elizalde E.
(Consejo Superior de Invest. Cientificas, Barselona)
Vacuum Fluctuations and Cosmology download pdf
Esposito G.
(INFN, Naples)
Casimir Apparatuses in a Weak Gravitational Field download pdf
Filippov A.
(JINR, Dubna)
On Einstein - Weyl Unified Model of Gravity, Dark Energy and Dark Matter: a Brief History and the New Interpretation, Simplest Dimensional Reductions, Static and Cosmological Solutions download pdf
Forini V.
(Max Planck Inst. for Gravitational Phys., Golm)
Reciprocity in AdS/CFT download pdf
Francia D.
(AstroParticle and Cosmology, Univ. Paris VII)
On Unconstrained Higher Spins of Any Symmetry download pdf
Fridman A.
(Inst. of Astronomy, Moscow)
Prediction and Discovery of Extremely Strong Hydrodynamic Instabilities due to a Velocity Jump: Theory and Experiments  
Frolov A.
(Simon Frazer Univ.)
Primordial Non-Gaussianity from Preheating download pdf
Frolov S.
(Trinity College, Dublin)
Towards the Exact Spectrum of the AdS5 x S5 superstring. II download pdf
Frolov V.
(Univ. of Alberta)
Black Holes and Hidden Symmetries download pdf
Fronsdal C.
(Univ. of California, Los Angeles)
Heat and Gravitation download pdf
Fulde P.
(Max Planck Inst. for Phys. of Complex Systems, Dresden & Asia Pacific Center for Theor. Physics, Pohang)
Fractional Charges on Frustrated Lattices download pdf
Fulling S.
(Texas A&M Univ.)
Cosmological Pistons download pdf
Fursaev D.
(JINR, Dubna)
Quantum Entanglement, Topology, and Entropy of a Wormhole  
Gavrilov S.
(Herzen State Pedagog. Univ., S.-Petersburg)
Gitman D.
Generalized Heisenberg-Euler Energy and Time Scales for Strong Electric Field Depletion download pdf
Giddings S.
(Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
Think Globally - Observe Locally download pdf
Ginzburg I.
(Sobolev Inst. of Mathematics, Novosibirsk)
Phase Transitions in 2HDM During Universe Expansion and Present Values of Parameters. Problems for ILC & LHC download pdf
Gnedin Yu.
(Central Astronomical Observatory, Pulkovo)
Axion Astronomy: The Basic Stages of Axion Searches by Astronomical Methods download pdf
Gorsky A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Quantum Geometry of the Momentum Space and Amplitudes in N=4 SYM Theory download pdf
Grib A.
(Herzen State Pedagog. Univ., S.-Petersburg)
Pavlov Yu.
On the Hypothesis of Superheavy Particles as Particles of Dark Matter download pdf
Grigoriev M.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Local BRST Cohomology and the Inverse Problem of Variational Calculus for Sigma Models of AKSZ Type download pdf
Grigorenko E.
(Space Research Inst., Moscow)
Zelenyi L.
Non-Adiabatic Ion Acceleration in the Current Sheet of the Earth Magnetotail download ppt
Gurzadyan V.
(Yerevan Physics Inst.)
CMB, Structure, Backreaction download pdf
Hull C.
(Imperial College, London)
Double Field Theory, String Theory and Duality download pdf
Iazeolla C.
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
A Fibre Approach to Harmonic Analysis of Unfolded Higher-Spin Field Equations download pdf
Ioffe B.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Chirality violating vacuum condensates in QCD  
Istomin Ya.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Synchrotron Radiation of a Pulsar Wind download pdf
Itoyama H.
(Osaka City Univ.)
Deviation of Ads Minimal Area from BDS Extrapolation at a Wavy Circle download pdf
Kadyshevsky V.
(JINR, Dubna)
On New Concept of Local Quantum Field download pdf
Kagan M.
(Kapitza Inst. for Physical Problems, Moscow)
Kugel K.
Nanoscale Phase-Separation in Manganites download pdf
Kaidalov A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Nuclear Shadowing and Heavy Ion Collisions download pdf
Kamenev A.
(Univ. of Minnesota)
Dynamic Correlation Functions of 1D Quantum Liquids download ppt
download pdf
Kamenshchik A.
(Univ. of Bologna, Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)
Barvinsky A., Kiefer C., Starobinsky A., Steinwachs C.
Asymptotic Freedom in Inflationary Cosmology with a Non-Minimally Coupled Higgs Field download pdf
Katanaev M.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Inside the BTZ Black Hole download pdf
Kazakov D.
(JINR, Dubna & ITEP, Moscow)
Bork L., Vartanov G., Zhiboedov A.
Infrared-Finite Observables in N=4 SYM Theory download pdf
Kazakov V.
(Ecole Normale Superieure & Univ. Paris VI)
Towards the Full Exact Spectrum of Planar AdS/CFT
Kharzeev D.
(Brookhaven National Lab.)
Topologically Induced Local P and CP Violation in Hot QCD Matter  
Khriplovich I.
(Budker Inst. of Nuclear Phys., Novosibirsk)
Capture of Galactic Dark Matter by the Solar System download pdf
Kikoin K.
(Ben-Gurion Univ., Tel-Aviv)
Keldysh Model in Time Domain download ppt
download pdf
Klebanov I.
(Princeton Univ.)
The Squashed, Stretched and Warped Gets Perturbed download pdf
Ko C.-M.
(Inst. of Astronomy and Dep. of Physics, National Central Univ., Taiwan)
Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Its Evidences in Heliospherical Shocks download pdf
Kocharovsky V.
(Inst. of Applied Physics, N.Novgorod & Texas A&M Univ.)
Kocharovsky Vl., Martyanov V.
Self-Consistent Current Structures in Relativistic Collisionless Plasmas: Exact Solutions for Broad Classes of Particle Distributions download pdf
Kopaev Yu.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Gorbatsevich A.
Toroidal Ordered States in Solids download pdf
Koshelev A.
(Univ. Libre de Bruxelles & International Solvay Institutes)
String Field Theory Rolling Tachion, Non-Locality and Dark Energy  
Kosyakov B.
(VNIIEF, Sarov)
The Self-Interaction Problem in Classical Electrodynamics of Even-Dimensional Spacetimes download pdf
Kotikov A.
(JINR, Dubna)
Small-x Behavior of Parton Densities and the Structure Function F2 for "Frozen" and Analytic Strong-Coupling Constants download pdf
Krykhtin V.
(Tomsk State Pedagogical Univ.)
Lagrangian Formulation of Massive Fermionic Totally Antisymmetric Tensor Field Theory in AdSd Space  
Kulic M.
(Goethe Univ. Frankfurt, Theoretical Physics)
Bosonic Spectral Function and the Electron-Phonon Interaction in HTSC Cuprates download pdf
Lavrov P.
(Tomsk State Pedagogical Univ.)
BRST Structure for Quadratically Nonlinear Superalgebras download pdf
Lebedev S.
(Surgut State Univ.)
Spin-Dependent Part of the Mass Shift in Quantum and Classical Electrodynamics download pdf
Leonidov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Kirakosyan M., Nechitailo V.
Stochastic Jet Quenching in Nuclear Collisions download pdf
Linde A.
(Stanford Univ.)
Inflationary Multiverse and String Theory Landscape download pdf
Lipatov L.
(S.-Petersburg Nuclear Physics Inst. & Hamburg Univ.)
Integrability of high energy scattering amplitudes in QCD and in N=4 SUSY download pdf
Llewellyn Smith C.
(Oxford Univ.)
The Role of Sum Rules in the Discovery of the Standard Model download pdf
Lobanov A.
(Dep. of Theoretical Physics, Moscow Univ.)
Pure Quantum States of Particles with Rotating Spin download pdf
Lozovik Yu.
(Inst. of Spectroscopy, Troitsk)
Collective Properties and Coherent Phases of Graphene download pdf
Lukash V.
(Astro Space Center, Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Rise and Fall of Structure Formation in the Universe download pdf
Lukierski J.
(Univ. of Wroclaw)
Galilean Conformal and Superconformal Symmetries  
Lyakhovich S.
(Tomsk Univ.)
Gauge Symmetry of Local Non-Lagrangian Dynamics download pdf
Makeenko Yu.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Duality between Wilson Loops and Scattering Amplitudes in QCD download pdf
Maksimov E.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Lepeshkin S., Magnitskaya M.
Peculiarities of Lattice Dynamics and the Melting of Alkali Metals download pdf
Man'ko V.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Probability Instead of Wave Function - a Review of New Theoretical and Experimental Results  
Manvelyan R.
(Yerevan Physics Inst.)
Off-Shell Construction of Some Trilinear Higher Spin Gauge Field Interactions download pdf
Matveev A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Didenko V., Vasiliev M.
Unfolded Description of AdS4 Black Hole download pdf
Marshakov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow & ITEP, Moscow)
Yung A.
Monodromies and Confinement in Supersymmetric QCD download pdf
McLoughlin T.
(Max Planck Inst. for Gravitational Phys., Golm)
Scattering Amplitudes in Supersymmetric Chern-Simons Matter Theories  
Meierovich B.
(Kapitza Inst. for Physical Problems, Moscow)
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Multidimensional Gravity. Vector Order Parameter download pdf
Melatos A.
(Univ. of Melbourne)
Gravitational Waves from Neutron Stars: Probing Quantum Fluids at Nuclear Densities  
Mel'nikov A.
(Inst. for Physics of Microstructures, N.Novgorod)
Localized Superconductivity and Little-Parks Effect in Superconductor/Ferromagnet Hybrids download pdf
Melrose D.
(Univ. of Sydney)
Quantum Plasmadynamics and Quantum Fluid Models download pdf
Mensky M.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Path Group and Quantum Equivalence Principle download pdf
Mironov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow & ITEP, Moscow)
Matrix Models Inspired Constructions for Topological Theories download pdf
Mottola E.
(Los Alamos National Lab.)
Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Gravity: Dark Energy and Condensate Stars  
Nagataki S.
(Yukawa Inst. for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto Univ.)
Toward Understanding GRB-Supernova Connection and Central Engine of Long GRB  
Nesterenko V.
(JINR, Dubna)
Vacuum Energy of Electromagnetic Field in the Background of Cosmic String of a Finite Thickness  
Neznamov V.
(VNIIEF, Sarov)
The Isotopic Foldy-Wouthuysen Representation as a Possible Key to Understanding the Dark Matter download pdf
Novikov I.
(Astro Space Center, Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Wormholes and Multiverse  
Novikov V.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Radiative Corrections, New Physics and LHC download pdf
Odintsov S.
(Space Research Inst. ICE-CSIC, Barcelona)
The Introduction to Modified Gravity as Dark Energy and Inflation download pdf
Olshanetsky M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Monopoles and Integrable Systems download pdf
Ovchinnikov S.
(Inst. of Physics, Krasnoyarsk & Siberian Federal Univ., Krasnoyarsk)
Shneyder E.
Isotope Effect, Phonon and Magnetic Mechanism of Pairing in High-Tc Cuprates in Strong Electron Correlaten Limit download ppt
download pdf
Papadopoulos G.
(King's College London)
Geometry Supersymmetric Backgrounds download pdf
Polikarpov M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Lattice Study of Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Gluodynamics with Background Magnetic Field download ppt
Pruisken A.
(Univ. of Amsterdam)
Exact Haldane Mapping for All S and Super Universality in Spin Chains download postscript
Rafikov R.
(Princeton Univ.)
Gravitationally Unstable Accretion Disks download ppt
Rengel M.
(Max Planck Inst. for Solar System Research, Lindau)
Tracing High Energy Radiation with Molecular Lines Emitted by the Deeply Embedded Protostar L1634 download ppt
download pdf
Reshetnyak A.
(Inst. of Strength Physics and Material Scien., Tomsk)
BFV-BRST Operators and Fock Space Realizations of Verma Modules for Non-Linear Superalgebras Underlying Lagrangian Formulations for Mixed-Symmetry HS Fields in AdS Spaces download pdf
Roiban R.
(Pennsylvania State Univ.)
Scattering Amplitudes in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills and N=8 Supergravity  
Rostovtsev Yu.
(Texas A&M Univ.)
Scully M.
Nonlinear Optics Controlled by Quantum Coherence download pdf
Royzen I.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
QCD Against Black Holes? download pdf
Rubakov V.
(Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Towards a Consistent Theory of Massive Spin-2 Field of Geometric Origin download pdf
Rubtsov A.
(Moscow Univ.)
Dual-Fermion Approach to Spatial Nonlocality of Correlated Electrons download pdf
Rychkov V.
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
The Miracle of Conformal Bootstrap in 4-Dimensions download pdf
Sadovskii M.
(Inst. of Electrophysics, Ekaterinburg)
Multiple Bands - a Key to High - Temperature Superconductivity in Iron Arsenides? download pdf
Samsonov I.
(Tomsk Polytechnic Univ.)
N=3 Superfield Formulation of the ABJM and BLG Models download pdf
Samtleben H.
(Univ. of Lyon)
Tensor Hierarchies and the Trombone  
Sasaki M.
(Kyoto Univ.)
Non-Gaussian Curvature Perturbations from Multi-Brid Inflation download pdf
Sawicki I.
(CCPP, New York Univ.)
Dark Matter via Many Copies of the Standard Model download pdf
Semikhatov A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Kazhdan–Lusztig Duality in Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory download pdf
Sibiryakov S.
(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne & Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
Dubovsky S.
Sigma Models for Lorentz Group and Superluminal Propagation in Two Dimensions download pdf
Simonov Yu.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Gluelumps and Confinement download pdf
Sissakian A.
(JINR, Dubna)
Sorin A.
The Nuclotron-Based Ion Collider Facility at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research: New Prospects for Heavy Ion Collisions and Spin Physics download ppt
download pdf
Skalozub V.
(Dnepropetrovsk National Univ.)
Gulov A.
Renormalization Group Relations and Model-Independent Searchs for Z' within the Data of LEP Experiments download pdf
Skvortsov E.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Gauge Fields in (anti)-de Sitter Space and Connections of its Symmetry Algebra download pdf
Slavnov A.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
A Lorentz Invariant Gauge for the Yang-Mills Theory Free of Gribov Ambiguity download pdf
Smilga A.
(Subatech, Univ. de Nantes)
Comments on Thermodynamics of Supersymmetric Matrix Models download pdf
Smilga A.
(Subatech, Univ. de Nantes)
Energy Losses in Hot Plasma Revisited download pdf
Sobyanin D.
(Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology)
Istomin Ya.
Formation of a Pulsar Magnetosphere from a Strongly Magnetized Vacuum download pdf
Sokoloff D.
(Moscow Univ.)
Artyushkova M., Popova H.
Solar Cycle: New Asymptotic Solutions for Dynamo Equations download pdf
Sol H.
(Observ. de Paris-Meudon)
Observing the Sky at Very High Energy Gamma-Rays: Current Results and Perspective with CTA, the Cherenkov Telescope Array download ppt
download pdf
Sorin A.
(JINR, Dubna)
Fre P.
Supergravity Black Holes and Billiards and Liouville Integrable Structure of Dual Borel Algebras download pdf
Sorokin D.
(INFN, Padova)
Type IIA String in AdS4 x CP3 Superspace download pdf
Spill F.
(Imperial College, London)
Yangian Doubles of Lie Superalgebras and Their R-matrices  
Spiridonov V.
(JINR, Dubna)
Superconformal Indices for N=1 Theories with Multiple Duals  
Starobinsky A.
(Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)
Present Status of f(R) Models of Inflation and Dark Energy download pdf
Stelle K.
(Imperial College London)
Bossard G., Nicolai H.
Universal BPS Structure of Stationary Supergravity Solutions download pdf
Studenikin A.
(Moscow Univ.)
Overview of Electromagnetic Properties of Neutrinos download pdf
Sundell P.
(Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
Boulanger N., Iazeolla C., Sezgin E.
Geometry, Invariants and Integrability in Higher-Spin Gauge Theory  
Suslov I.
(Kapitza Inst. for Physical Problems, Moscow)
Is There 2D Anderson Transition? download pdf
Tatischeff V.
(CSNSM (CNRS/IN2P3 & Univ. Paris-Sud))
Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in Radio Supernovae download pdf
Teryaev O.
(JINR, Dubna)
Sum Rules for Spin-Dependent Parton Distributions, Gravitational Formfactors and Equivalence Principle download pdf
Tikhodeev S.
(General Physics Inst., Moscow)
Plasmon-Polariton Metamaterials download pdf
Toporensky A.
(Sternberg Inst., Moscow)
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics in Scalar Field Cosmology  
Toptygin I.
(S.-Petersburg State Polytechnical Univ.)
Large Scale Magnetic Field Generation by Accelerated Particles in Galactic Medium download pdf
Tseytlin A.
(Imperial College, London)
Quantum Strings in AdS5 x S5 download pdf
Tureanu A.
(Dep. of Physics, Univ. of Helsinki and Helsinki Inst. of Physics)
Symmetries of Noncommutative Quantum Field and Gauge Theories download pdf
Uspenskii Yu.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Kulatov E., Titov A.
First-Principles Calculations of Materials Promising for Nanoelectronics download pdf
Uzdensky D.
(Princeton Univ.)
Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysics download pdf
Van Proeyen A.
(Katholieke Univ. Leuven)
The Embedding-Tensor Formalism with Fields and Antifields download ppt
download pdf
Vanhove P.
(IHES & Inst. Physique Theor., CEA-Saclay)
Simplicity in the Structure of N=8 Supergravity Amplitudes download pdf
Vasiliev M.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Conformal Higher-Spin Gauge Theories download pdf
Venugopalan R.
(Brookhaven National Lab.)
High energy factorization, Long Range Rapidity Correlations and a Ridge in A+A collisions at RHIC & LHC download pdf
Vernov S.
(Skobeltsyn Inst. of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Univ.)
Aref'eva I., Bulatov N., Joukovskaya L.
The NEC Violation and Classical Stability download pdf
Vikman A.
(CCPP, New York Univ.)
Spontaneous Lorentz Symmetry Breaking and Horizons download pdf
Volkov M.
(LMPT, Univ. of Tours)
Stationary Ring Solitons in Field Theory - Knots and Vortons download pdf
Volkov M.
(LMPT, Univ. of Tours)
Superconducting Non-Abelian Strings in Weinberg-Salam Theory - Electroweak Thunderbolts download pdf
Volovich I.
(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Sakharov`s Extra Timelike Dimensions and Hawking`s Chronology Protection Conjecture download ppt
download pdf
Vysotsky M.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Kamyshkov Yu., Tithof J.
Bounds on New Light Particles from Very Small Momentum Transfer Neutron-Proton Elastic Scattering Data download pdf
Woodard R.
(Univ. of Florida)
A Phenomenological Model of Inflation from Quantum Gravity download pdf
Zaikin A.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow & Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe)
Golubev D., Kalenkov M.
Interplay between Crossed Andreev Reflection and Disorder: Zero-Bias Anomaly and Charge Imbalance Peak download pdf
Zaitsev A.
(IHEP, Protvino)
The ATLAS Detector: Status and Plans download pdf
Zakharov A.
(ITEP, Moscow)
Gravitational Lensing: from Micro to Nano download pdf
Zakharov B.
(Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)
Mass Dependence of Radiative Quark Energy Loss in QCD Matter download pdf
Zakharov V.
(Max Planck Inst. for Physics, Muenchen)
Deconfinement Phase Transition in Mirror of Symmetries  
Zamolodchikov A.
(Landau Inst., Chernogolovka & Rudgers Univ.)
Confining Interactions in 1+1, and 't Hooft's Model of Mesons download pdf
Zarand G.
(Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics)
Geometric Spin Decay in Confined Mesoscopic Systems download pdf
Zarembo K.
(Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
Integrability in Superconformal Chern-Simons Theory and AdS(4)/CFT(3) download ppt
Zarubin A.
(JINR, Dubna)
Golutvin I.
LHC, CMS, RDMS – Status and Plans download pdf
Zaslavskii O.
(Astronomical Inst. of Kharkov National Univ.)
Quasi-Black Holes download pdf
Zein N.
(Kurchatov Inst., Moscow)
Savrasov S., Kotliar G.
GW+DMFT Approach for Electronic Structure Calculations in Real Compounds download pdf
Zhukovsky V.
(Moscow State Univ.)
Bubnov A., Kharlanov O.
Vacuum Polarization and Casimir Effect within (3+1)D Maxwell-Chern-Simons Electrodynamics with Lorentz Violation download pdf
Zinoviev Yu.
(IHEP, Protvino)
On Frame-Like Gauge Invariant Formulation for Massive Mixed Symmetry Fields download pdf
Zupnik B.
(JINR, Dubna)
N=6 Chern-Simons Theory in Harmonic Superspace download pdf

historical session

Altshuler B.
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Andrei Sakharov as a Physicist in All Facets of his Life download pdf


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May 2009


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